NFT project management

Apollo is a Web3 startup focused on NFT project management and smart contract creation. As design lead, I was entrusted with the entire spectrum of art direction, crafting the visual aesthetics and overall creative vision of the company. Additionally, I was responsible for the brand identity, developing a cohesive design system that encompassed all digital assets, and prototyping.

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Art Direction

Brand Identity

Design System

Product Design


UX + UI Design


Apollo logo
Apollo logomark
Apollo logomark on tote bag

Brand Identity

The brand's inspiration stems from a space-related concept, drawing from the Apollo program that took place in the 1960s.

Apollo palette Apollo design system components

Design System

I implemented a comprehensive design system using the Library + Flow approach. This involved creating foundation files, numerous components with variants, and templates for all pages within the library. Each flow was then assigned its own file, associated with a Jira ticket number for seamless organisation and collaboration.

Apollo mobile screens
Apollo marketing concept
Apollo desktop smart contract screen
Apollo mobile screens

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