Science & tech rankings
for Swiss politicians

CH++ is a non-profit organization committed to the promotion, understanding, and effective and efficient use of science and technology in Switzerland. After creating a distinctive brand identity, I was later invited to design and build a web application. Its purpose was to evaluate Swiss politicians based on their voting records pertaining to science and technology.

Detail of the Parliament Building in Bern


2019 & 2023




Art Direction

Brand Identity

Front-End Development

UX + UI Design


CH++ logo
CH++ favicon

Brand Identity

The aim was to craft something that stands the test of time, all while guaranteeing distinctiveness through the thoughtfully chosen palette. Furthermore, to evoke a sense of motion and advancement, an italic font-style was incorporated.

CH++ Science & Technology Ranking index
CH++ Science & Technology Ranking filters
CH++ Science & Technology Ranking detail
CH++ Science & Technology Ranking mobile screens

Web App

Employing a component-based design I created a bold, modern and user-friendly experience that reflected the brand's character and vision.

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